Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to Blogville, Bogdans!!!

This is how Macy spent her visit with Auntie Holly and so I post it in honor of her and her new blog! Everyone say: Well done Bogdans! Luving it!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Swimming? Lessons

Macy started her much anticipated swimming lessons this week. She's learning important things like how to blow bubbles, how to kick, and how to float. She's is wondering, "Why don't I learn to swim in swimming lessons?" Good question.
Here she is floating with her teacher Shannon.
And here practicing her freestyle stroke. Do you all see what I see? A natural!
Best picture of the day goes to: Polly. This is the look she gave me after I pulled her away from walking into the water for the 18th time!

4th of July

We did 4th of July fireworks at great grandpa D's. The glowing jewelery was courtesy of Annie. Big hit! Polly is not a fan of the fireworks. She seemed to be impressed by the sparkling lights, but as soon as they starting making the loud popping sounds, she was done. She would scramble up my lap and bury her face in my shoulder. Poor girl. Her face says it all.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Camping is for the Mortons

We went camping with Annie, Jed and Milo, and with our friends Mark and Andrae. Jed took us up American Fork canyon. It was a ton of fun.All the kids had a blast playing in the stream and throwing rocks. We were all absolutely filthy when we left!

Pittsburg lake

We took a stroll to Pittsburgh Lake . . . just kidding, it was a short, but very steep hike. We all made. Macy was a trooper, hiking and riding on shoulders on the way up, but she hiked most of the way down with her hiking stick. We probably wouldn't have made it without Mark carrying Polly on his back. She was happy to be there as long as she had lots of snacks. It was definitely worth the hike. Thanks Jedadah.