Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Miracle

I am positively glad to have a healthy child again.  The 2 weeks before Abe's birthday he had the following all at the same time:

3 teeth came in (two eye teeth and a molar)
Stomach flu and ongoing digestive problems
(I'll leave that to your imaginations.  You're welcome.)
Cold with accompaning congestion and cough

In the middle of all that, he ripped the flesh between his upper lip and gum line.  His lovely uncle and dentist pulled it off for us.  Yes.  Off.  (Scott thinks I over-reacted by calling uncle Jason, 3 minutes after if happened, and wants to know what I'm going to do when one of our kids "really" hurts themselves. I do too.)

Luckily, the little nugget starting feeling better the day before his birthday, which was about to be postponed until further notice. 

I don't want anyone feeling sorry for him/us, I just want to remember.  And by remember, I mean forget (?)  Hmmm, what I'm trying to say is I forgot what it was like to have a happy child.  One that eats his breakfast bannana in 12 seconds, and makes waves in the toilet water with his hands.  I'm glad he's back.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The One Where Polly Wears Pants

Our little family went to Discovery at the Gateway.
We rode on horses and in helicopters.

(Abe's nervous)

We saw a 3-D movie at IMAX. 
Although terrible, this picture cracks me up.

We had a great and chilly time at the zoo,
where we saw the rarest sighting...
Polly in pants.
It was an ordeal.  She helped me packed and we agreed on these pants since it was going to be cold at the zoo.  When it came time to get dressed...whoo boy.  That girl likes what she likes.  And pants are NOT it.  Unless they are leggings, and preferably under a skirt.
 Love that girl.

(with cousin Dax)

Park City or Bust

We drove, we arrived.

How do you respond to kids on a road trip when they ask every 30 seconds, "How much longer" (On a trip that is 2 hours.  Max.)?  Do I say 30 seconds less than one hour?, or less time than if we turn around? I started telling them 11 hours, mixed with any minute.  It kept them on their toes. 

Taking pictues helped.
Please show us your red mouth from the red sucker.

I wish I had a better picture of just how much Abe loved this luggage cart.  He wouldn't stop bouncing and shaking the bars long enough to get a picture in focus.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrill Seekers

While I didn't get any photos of Easter, I did get some of our Easter weekend in Park City with the Mortons.  Too many to put into one post.  That's hard.

I'll start with the carousel at Hogle Zoo.