Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The One Where Polly Wears Pants

Our little family went to Discovery at the Gateway.
We rode on horses and in helicopters.

(Abe's nervous)

We saw a 3-D movie at IMAX. 
Although terrible, this picture cracks me up.

We had a great and chilly time at the zoo,
where we saw the rarest sighting...
Polly in pants.
It was an ordeal.  She helped me packed and we agreed on these pants since it was going to be cold at the zoo.  When it came time to get dressed...whoo boy.  That girl likes what she likes.  And pants are NOT it.  Unless they are leggings, and preferably under a skirt.
 Love that girl.

(with cousin Dax)


Nan said...

Fun family time and making memories. I Love it.

Hayley said...

I love that Polly is a skirt or dress only kinda gal. She's so adorable.

(Fun to see you all alone on a Saturday night, eating ice cream...maybe next time Scott will come too...:)

Jill said...

how cute that she loves skirts. that little dax looks like scott!