Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy HOWL-oween

Macy and Polly were both puppies this year. Macy, in the form of a pink poodle named "FIFI" and she decided to name Polly's puppy persona "SPARKLE" I was required by FIFI to call her such all day. Her suggestion for Scott this morning was to dress up like the president. You know, the guy who talks into the microphone. He didn't go for it, but I thought it was a pretty good idea for a little poodle. My favorite picture of the night, I will call "Puppy love". And you can see in one of the pictures that poodles can still do ballet. (I know it might not look like ballet moves, but trust me, they are.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The funnest thing the kids can think of lately is raking up a big pile of leaves and jumpin in it, throwing the leaves, buring themselves in the leaves, any kind of fun with leaves, really!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Walkers

We took the whole brood to the Pumpkinwalk. I think the biggest hit was the charachter faces. Macy is Ariel, Sosie is Cinderella and my favorite is Willa as Yoda

Willa and Hobbie

This is where we found Willa, she climbed into the kennel with Hobbe's and shut the door. She told me she was brushig Hobbe's hair. The next few posting are going to be showing everyone (mostly Holly and John) what we are all up to in Logan with 6 kids!

Pumpkins and Jackolanterns

We did some pumpkin carving for family home evening. We thought we would do it early since the rest of the month we will be in Logan with Holly's family. Macy did NOT like putting her hand in the pumpkin, it was too slimy. Scott did all her scopping for her. Then she wanted to make scary faces when we posed with the finished product.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


These are the times I remember that love my life and I love my kids.


We always have a great conference weekend. Full of kids, fun and pancakes. These 4 all lined themselves up on the stairs and were just hanging out together. For once my children aren't the biggest ham in the picture. Way to shine Willa!
Here's the whole fam. Let's play where's Waldo. Everyone look for the only person NOT looking at the camera! I love you Scott, but you make it so easy to tease you!

Oh Golly, we love the gully

When we were visiting grandma's, Polly and Miles discovered the gully behind their house. They loved it as you can see. Here they are headed down.

Happy 4th Macy

The first thing Macy said to me when she woke up on her birthday was: "I'm 4!!" Then she went to the mirror to see is she looked any bigger.
She loved all the presents, thanks to everyone who came. She was completely enthused and grateful for each present.

This is her reaction as Scott was wheeling out her bike!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Labor day (yes, a month ago)

Sorry I'm so delayed in posting on the blog. Here are some cute pictures from Labor day. We had a lunch at Willow park to celebrate Tiff and my birthday. Then we took the kiddies to the zoo. Can they actually call it that? I say . . . bird attraction. Still a good time!

Scott and I gazing into each others eyes. Only if you look closely you will notice Scott is still annoyed knowing his picture is being taken. Some things never change. Now I need everyone's help here. . . Please tell Scott he needs a new hat for the public's viewing.