Monday, January 30, 2012

My poor, poor children

My sister keeps telling me I should post about this.   So here I am.

All my children are well aware of the latest and most awesome technology.
We just don't have any.  ANY.

No ipad
No iphone (or any like it)
No gaming systems* 
No Mac for Photobooth.
Scott likes to say, we don't own an i-anything.
(He's wrong, I own the original ipod shuffle.  BOOM!)

Grandmas do. And aunts and uncles do.  Friends do.
They watch everyone playing Angry Birds and Plants V. Zombies.  They play too.

But when we are home alone, living the deprived and lonely low-tech life, Macy will sometimes take my phone to play "calender".  What?  You've never played it?  It's easy, really.  You pull up the calender on my Samsung and you shuffle through the calender year, looking for important dates, like your own birthday.

It satisfies her needs.  And so it does mine.

*Macy reminds me, we are like the only people in the whole entire world without a Wii !!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hey friends!  Guess what I did?  
I opened an Etsy shop with a friend of mine selling kids aprons.
Don't worry, I didn't do the sewing!   
I left that in the very capable hands of Brittney.

My girls reluctantly modeled, and secretly liked it!
I think they turned out pretty cute.  It has been fun.
Take a look!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

Although Scott hasn't fallen into the toilet.  
At least that I am aware of.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Dollhouse Christmas

Christmas morning was a magical one.  Abe was very excited to open presents.   Here he is checking out his stocking contents.  Mini football, a pack of matchbox cars and a new toothbrush.

I have lots of cute pictures of him opening his dump truck.  He was very excited and all the pics are very blurry.    He spent the rest of the morning loading the dump truck with his matchbox cars and dumping them out, naturally.

The girls got some fun things including a new doll for Polly, but the all the glory goes to Scott for making this Christmas magical.  About a week and a half before Christmas, he decided to build bunk beds for their dolls and a giant dollhouse to go with it. They were so surprised and they haven't stopped playing with it yet...

Christmas Roundup

Christmas Eve we celebrated at Grandma Dedee's party and puppet show.
Macy and Polly sang "Mary Did you Know" during the talent show.

Abe got a cool hammer toy, Polly got a pig and Scott got a full beard.  Macy was never around for a picture.

The oldest and youngest members of the family, great-grandpa D and baby Moe. 
Aren't they cute?