Monday, April 16, 2012


The Easter Bunny (which my girls don't believe in, but pretend that they do for fun!) got creative with hiding the baskets.

Macy's for example was on the roof.  A spot she did not find clever or funny. She was NOT climbing the ladder to get it.

Abe was very excited to have a basket with of eggs candy of his own and happily posed for pictures.

On our way to church, including the girls jumbo Easter pencils naturally.

Friday, April 13, 2012


This Easter we thought it would be fun to dye our eggs with foods we had in the house.  
It turned out to be a fun science experiment.

I love free!

Bluish/purple- blueberries
Purple- grape juice
Yellow- turmeric
Orange- chili powder
Pink-bright pink flowers leftover from our anniversary
Green-Chlorophyll (from my mama)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dealing With Dragons

Macy has been going to a drama class at Unicorn Theater and was just in her first play, Dealing With Dragons.

She auditioned for a non-speaking part and was cast as a princess.  She quickly decided that a small, non-speaking part was a little boring and wants to try for a speaking part next time.

She was a great princess and she had a lot of fun.

Royal Family exiting the stage after their applause.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Polly turned 6

This is the first year Polly has wanted to have a party with friends.
She only wanted to invite girls and only a few.
We went to Beadles where the girls made jewelry.

  They took their beading very seriously.

This is my favorite of Polly checking out her new necklace.
Of course she did NOT know I was taking her picture...

True to her true self, she only wanted ice cream.
I even tried talking her into an ice cream cake and she agreed if it was solid ice cream shaped like a cake with frosting.  I wasn't sure I could make that happen.

Polly is a wonderful 6 year old.
She has a perfectly infectious giggle.
She is kind, considerate and the peacemaker in the house.
She loves hugs and snuggling up to her favorite people.
We are lucky to have her! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Years

Our marriage turned 10 years old last month.
I'm very happy about that.

I thought possibly my dear husband was up to something...
The morning of our anniversary, he had lovely flowers and a card for me.
Including a note saying he had planned a weekend getaway for us!

He arranged everything including the kiddies.
All I had to do was pack.  We were leaving that afternoon.
The most darling (and true) part was the end of the letter said,
"I know this is probably giving you anxiety, but breath deeply and relax, everything is taken care of."
And it was.

We went to Capitol Reef (neither of us had been before)
The weather wasn't perfect, but we managed to get a few hikes in and had a great time being together.

That Scott is a keeper.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Strong Man

The other day at dinner, Abe tried to pick up the full gallon of milk.  It was a bit too heavy for him.  Instead he pulled it off the table and he followed it, falling onto the floor.

We tried not to laugh, but it was funny.

Then a few days later the almost empty gallon of milk was next to him.  He picked it up and held it over his head, like he was the strongest boy ever!

He conquered the milk!