Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Polly turned 6

This is the first year Polly has wanted to have a party with friends.
She only wanted to invite girls and only a few.
We went to Beadles where the girls made jewelry.

  They took their beading very seriously.

This is my favorite of Polly checking out her new necklace.
Of course she did NOT know I was taking her picture...

True to her true self, she only wanted ice cream.
I even tried talking her into an ice cream cake and she agreed if it was solid ice cream shaped like a cake with frosting.  I wasn't sure I could make that happen.

Polly is a wonderful 6 year old.
She has a perfectly infectious giggle.
She is kind, considerate and the peacemaker in the house.
She loves hugs and snuggling up to her favorite people.
We are lucky to have her! 

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