Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Years

Our marriage turned 10 years old last month.
I'm very happy about that.

I thought possibly my dear husband was up to something...
The morning of our anniversary, he had lovely flowers and a card for me.
Including a note saying he had planned a weekend getaway for us!

He arranged everything including the kiddies.
All I had to do was pack.  We were leaving that afternoon.
The most darling (and true) part was the end of the letter said,
"I know this is probably giving you anxiety, but breath deeply and relax, everything is taken care of."
And it was.

We went to Capitol Reef (neither of us had been before)
The weather wasn't perfect, but we managed to get a few hikes in and had a great time being together.

That Scott is a keeper.


Tara said...

Awesome, what a guy! Congrats on the 10 year!

jordan said...

way to go on picking a good husband and the 10 years with him!