Thursday, May 28, 2009


Macy is officially a preschool graduate... 
I know.
Some highlihgts of the year include 
(but are not limited to):

Backwards Day
Baby Chicks
Feild trip to the Fire Station

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fire Rescue

Inspired by Macy's pre-school trip to the Fire Station, where Fireman Ken asked the kids what they would do if there was a fire (met by blank stares), we decided to have a FHE on fire safety.

I would say it went well, until we opened the discussion for questions. Macy had been listening very intently with only a slightly worried look on her face. Then she told us she knows she would have to leave all her things and get out. She kept repeating, "I KNOW, I KNOW I will just have to leave my things and we'll have to get new things. I KNOW I can't take my toys or my blankets. I KNOW THAT. I KNOW." Her voice got more hysterical until she was crying her little eyes out. Poor thing.

Polly, on the other hand told us if there was a fire in her room, a princess would come and help her out of there.

Clearly we are on different levels of comprehension.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Strike a pose

My ladies love their grandparents (all of them). . . a lot.

This is from a photo booth at a wedding reception over the weekend.

Thanks Grandma Janet, I stole them from your post.