Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fire Rescue

Inspired by Macy's pre-school trip to the Fire Station, where Fireman Ken asked the kids what they would do if there was a fire (met by blank stares), we decided to have a FHE on fire safety.

I would say it went well, until we opened the discussion for questions. Macy had been listening very intently with only a slightly worried look on her face. Then she told us she knows she would have to leave all her things and get out. She kept repeating, "I KNOW, I KNOW I will just have to leave my things and we'll have to get new things. I KNOW I can't take my toys or my blankets. I KNOW THAT. I KNOW." Her voice got more hysterical until she was crying her little eyes out. Poor thing.

Polly, on the other hand told us if there was a fire in her room, a princess would come and help her out of there.

Clearly we are on different levels of comprehension.


Mommamort said...

I can relate to Macy's reaction. I am uneasy thinking about fires.
I love Polly perception of it. Just wish that was the way it could be. What a great FHE idea.

The Mortons said...

Oh, Polly. You are the funniest little thing! Thank you for helping me the other day!

jordan said...

after spending some quality time with those two I have this scenario perfectly pictured in my head. it's so hilarious (in my head).