Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Funny Things

1. Last night we were talking about the birth of Jesus. Polly said: "Yeah, and now Mary lives in Idaho."

This Mary lives in Idaho.

She's more commonly refered to as Grandma Great.

Grandma Great is beyond wonderful and the girls love her. Every time we are leaving after a visit, Macy plans for us to move to Idaho to be closer to Grandma and Grandpa Great.

Polly was shocked and embarassed to hear this was a different Mary.

2. I was getting ready to go to the Releif Society Christmas dinner and Macy told me I looked "Nice and SAXY". Just what I was going for.

3. Polly was beyond excited to pick out a gumball machine for Macy for Christmas. (Top Secret). I told her the she had to keep the secret even if Macy asked. Ever since she's been trying to convice Macy she bought her a peice of carpet.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Does anyone else get nervous that their kids will spring a surprise while visiting Santa?
Maybe they'll decide they want something completely different from what they've been telling you for 2 months (and already purchased). Maybe they'll ask for something obscenely expensive. It's risky.
Polly braved Santa if Macy would go with her and mouthed to him what she wanted. She made no sound. A Ponyville house. Macy pulled a stuffed kitty out of left Field. Not obscenely expensive. Whew.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Catching up

These posts are mostly for me. I haven't blogged in a while. Can I blame it on being pregnant? Okay, I will. Thank you!
I just got my Blurb book done from my blog 2007-2008. It is awesome. And so I am dedicated to documenting everything I want to remember. You should all do one too.
We had a lovely Nativity re-enactment for FHE this week. The Smarts and Jones joined us to round out the cast. The kids loved it and rotated parts. You are all invited next year, but we might have to audition the kids. Your kids like competition, right?
P.S. Why won't blogger let me have hard returns to make spaces where I want them?


Oh holy, our dishwasher broke.

It was only from the late 80's. Come on. It was probably only 10 days give or take before we had a new one, but my whole life turned upside down. Or at least my kitchen did. I understand the laziness of this problem, but I couldn't get in the routine of washing dishes every meal. And so they were usually piled in my sink and on my counter. It was gross. And I'm lazy.
These two claimed they were going to wash all the dishes, all the time. I wish.


We had a small, intimate Thanksgiving this year. It was lovely and delicious. I was in charge, but asked my madre if we could eat at her house (much bigger). Dad, mom, Jessey, Annie (she was in charge too), and her family. Small.