Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Does anyone else get nervous that their kids will spring a surprise while visiting Santa?
Maybe they'll decide they want something completely different from what they've been telling you for 2 months (and already purchased). Maybe they'll ask for something obscenely expensive. It's risky.
Polly braved Santa if Macy would go with her and mouthed to him what she wanted. She made no sound. A Ponyville house. Macy pulled a stuffed kitty out of left Field. Not obscenely expensive. Whew.


Hayley said...

Seriously, Travis and I just had this conversation.

Sienna has been wanting a Strawberry shortcake doll for months. She had it all planned that that would be her request from Santa. Then 2 days after we had finished every last detail of shopping, she decided she needed the Strawberry shortcake house too. And she managed to ask Santa for both...

Do you know that the Strawberry shortcake house is all but sold out in Logan. We got very lucky finding one. Phew.

Miss you guys. The girls sure are beautiful.

Val said...

I must be a terrible mother. I am pretty sure my kids would get the missed the deadline for this year, but I'm sure that could go on next years list speech. Maybe I should try to be better. I'm pretty safe though, Taya won't even get near Santa, too scary, and the other two age easily tricked!!!

Have a Mery Christmas.
Hope you are feeling better :)