Thursday, July 31, 2008

Romantic getaway

Scott and I have been dreaming of a romantic vacation together. Okay. So I wanted the romantic vacation. Scott just wanted a vacation, but it's my blog and he doesn't read it. As it turns out, since the romantic vacation we both wanted isn't free, we opted for something that was. A backpacking trip. I had to do some arm twisting to get Scott to agree to a less luxurious trip.
But that's the kind of persuasion I have.

Destination choice: High Creek Lake.

Do I look tired? and hot?

Yes to both.

We had the lake all to ourselves. Lucky.
We may or may not have gone skinning dipping.
I'm not saying
Macy would be in floral heaven with all the wildflowers. (her favorite part of hiking and who can blame her?) We made her a boquet and packed it down the mountain.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Parade

Our ward has a parade on Pioneer Day
The kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood,
and a few families had floats.
Our cute neighbor, Jackie let Macy borrow a pioneer dress.
And how that made her day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Part of Camping is...

The best part of a hike is
the reward in the form of M&Ms.

The best part about camping with

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tiff

is they can take care of the ladies

while we sleep.


The best part about camping with
mostly girls is making crowns,
cuz that's how we camp.

The best part about a campfire is

gathering our own firewood,

(somebody's gotta do it).

(Cousin Hallie earning her keep. )

The best part really though is

spending rare time with dad

(and letting him do most of the work).

Monday, July 14, 2008


The day before the 4th of July,
Dalton, Sicily and Macy had a lemonade stand.
They were enthusiastic about holding signs and jumping up and down for the on-coming cars.

For sale:



homemade cookies

Even Polly got in on the action.

The biggest customers of the day by a long shot were
single guys in their big trucks.
Who knew?
The kids made a haul.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

Who doesn't love the 4th of July? Really?

We had a progressive party.
Food and games at everyone's house.

I really love that Holly got the
gentlemen on the far right to dance.
Yes. Dance.

Polly really loved the fruit-kabobs.

love that Macy loves her cousin Bronwen.
They were great in the 3-legged race.

Who doesn't love Bronwen? She's gorgeous.

I love that everyone participated in our
bubble gum blowing contest.

(even if the gum was a little hard.)

Dollar store.

The kids loved making a

giant yarn spiderweb in Erin's backyard.

I Love this girl even if she doesn't
like getting her picture taken.
This was the best out of 6.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

101 posts!!!!

My couch used to be this ookie tan color complete with water stains from the storage shed and some hieroglyphics done with green marker courtesy of Polly.

Now it's a sweet blue velvet,
Thanks to Holly.
She is the master upholsterer and just overall a talented gal. Upgrade.