Monday, July 14, 2008


The day before the 4th of July,
Dalton, Sicily and Macy had a lemonade stand.
They were enthusiastic about holding signs and jumping up and down for the on-coming cars.

For sale:



homemade cookies

Even Polly got in on the action.

The biggest customers of the day by a long shot were
single guys in their big trucks.
Who knew?
The kids made a haul.


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I would have definitely bought the lemonade and homemade cookies without a doubt!

Hayley said...

Making them earn their keep?

mortonfam said...

you betcha

holly said...

I appreciate that you didn't also blog about the direct result of said lemonade stand. Need I mention Miss Fancy Unicorn and the Song of Sadness? And it started out so well...

jordan said...

every kid deserves a lemonade stand. But yet the other day when Ryder was wanting to do one (inspired by Max and Ruby) I said no way. We wish we were in Logan for things like that.

Ann said...

I'll buy a glass or two...Do they deliver?

Aaron & Mindy said...

Ahhhh lemonade stands it takes me back to the old days.