Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Part of Camping is...

The best part of a hike is
the reward in the form of M&Ms.

The best part about camping with

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tiff

is they can take care of the ladies

while we sleep.


The best part about camping with
mostly girls is making crowns,
cuz that's how we camp.

The best part about a campfire is

gathering our own firewood,

(somebody's gotta do it).

(Cousin Hallie earning her keep. )

The best part really though is

spending rare time with dad

(and letting him do most of the work).


Matt & Jill said...

Fun pictures. I love the crowns they made. My fav picture is the last one with Scott and Polly.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Looks like fun! I love the pics of the girls gathering firewood. So cute. Where were you guys camping?

Aaron & Mindy said...

Love the pics- I am glad to hear Scott was doing his share. I do see proof in the pictures that he delegated that work to his lovely ladies :)

Hayley said...

The crowns were a good idea! Whenever I see pics of your kids together it seems very familiar...our kids are so close in ages, and I imagine our camping trips are pretty similar.

I hope that makes sense....

jordan said...

daddy time really is great isn't it. I hate when the trip is over for that reason.
and I love the camping princesses

The 4 Mortons! said...

Love the picture of Polly and Scott! fun fun fun...camping!!!!!

brandi said...

princesses camping! I dig it!

Andrae said...

crowns and camping? sounds like something from Fancy Nancy. what a great idea. looks like tons of fun.

Michelle said...

Looks like a lot of funs.
Hanging with the Mortons.
Maybe we will see you in a few weeks at the parade????