Thursday, July 31, 2008

Romantic getaway

Scott and I have been dreaming of a romantic vacation together. Okay. So I wanted the romantic vacation. Scott just wanted a vacation, but it's my blog and he doesn't read it. As it turns out, since the romantic vacation we both wanted isn't free, we opted for something that was. A backpacking trip. I had to do some arm twisting to get Scott to agree to a less luxurious trip.
But that's the kind of persuasion I have.

Destination choice: High Creek Lake.

Do I look tired? and hot?

Yes to both.

We had the lake all to ourselves. Lucky.
We may or may not have gone skinning dipping.
I'm not saying
Macy would be in floral heaven with all the wildflowers. (her favorite part of hiking and who can blame her?) We made her a boquet and packed it down the mountain.


holly said...

The question on everyone's mind: Who was the third wheel to your romantic getaway that took your sweet couple photo? Maybe there's another part of the story you aren't telling...

Brittney said...

i'm going to have to agree with holly--i had to wonder myself who was there. regardless, nice goin'. looks like a sweet time.

mortonfam said...

okay it's this cool tri-pod called a gorilla-pod. It has bendy legs that wrap around anything. So the camera is hooked to the side of a tree. awesome.

Mommamort said...

It looks like a perfect romantic getaway to me. Getting there was the hard part but I guess that is why you can have the whole mountain to yourselves. It is a beautiful spot.

The 4 Mortons! said...

Sounds like you two enjoyed yourselves! It looked like the hikes was worth all the sweat, it was beautiful!

jordan said...

I think camping is a perfect romantic getaway. No one around for miles! (i guess it depends on where you go, but it sounds like you chose right.)