Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Labor day (yes, a month ago)

Sorry I'm so delayed in posting on the blog. Here are some cute pictures from Labor day. We had a lunch at Willow park to celebrate Tiff and my birthday. Then we took the kiddies to the zoo. Can they actually call it that? I say . . . bird attraction. Still a good time!

Scott and I gazing into each others eyes. Only if you look closely you will notice Scott is still annoyed knowing his picture is being taken. Some things never change. Now I need everyone's help here. . . Please tell Scott he needs a new hat for the public's viewing.


JAM said...

Yes, the hat is looking a tad dingy. I am pretty sure he isn't going to do it for me though. I love the cute pics. Of course Macy is the center of attention. I am so happy you posted on your blog. I have probably checked it 15 times the past month, and every time been so deeply disappointed. I can't wait to see pics of Macy's b day.

jordan said...

I found you from Annie's blog. It's pretty fun to get a glimpse of your life and your ADORABLE girls. It looks like life is treating you good. This will be a great way to keep track of each other!