Thursday, August 16, 2007

Timp cave

We hiked our way to Timpanogos cave on Saturday with Craig and Becky and their fam, and with Andrae and Mark. Scott was reunited with his best chum, Craig and Macy made fast friends with Ryan.

Macy and Polly can light it up for the camera, eh?Macy and Ryan wanted to hold hands hiking up the trail. awwww.
Something good must be going on down there.

Macy and Andrae raced down to the bottom of the trail. The hike up and down, Macy really wanted to give away a "gold medal" to the first person to make it.


JAM said...

Looks like a blast. Quite the party I must say. Macy and Polly both have the funniest smiles. I hope Polly is as funny and outgoing as Macy. Your life will turn into a musical

JAM said...

Amanda, check out my friend from church's blog...taylorpartyof5.blogspot talk about queen blogger