Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks to all

Annie and I ventured out into adult-land for Thanksgiving. We prepared (for the first time) what I like to call the heart and soul of Thanksgiving dinner. Yes to the turkey. Yes to the stuffing in the turkey. Yes to the mashed potatoes. Yes to the gravy and green beans. I must say we did a bang up job. We're so grown up.

Thanks to mom and Holly for the beautiful table. And I did not forget the delectable pies.

Thanks to all who enjoyed the meal. (Grandpa was enjoying it, maybe he didn't enjoy the camera.)


Andrae said...

Way to go Amanda and Annie!! Everything looks tasty!

jordan said...

hey - it is a right of passage. this year was my first time too (with my sister in law). i feel like an official adult.

Hayley said...

I'm very impressed! It looks like it turned out delicious too. What a domestic diva you are...shall I call you Martha?

mortonfam said...

You shall!