Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First day of (modeling) School

I forever want to remember Macy and her first day of pre-school.
Boy-howdy was she excited.
Turns out she's prepping for her modeling career.

Macy, show me "I am desperate to get to school soon",


Now turn and pose.
And on the ride home, Polly kept saying, Where's Macy (at school), Where's daddy (at work). Oh, I just miss my friends.


The Mortons said...

Polly is so sweet! "i miss my friends" Good luck at school Macy! We are so proud of you!!!

Hayley said...

I thought a few things reading this. First, I am dissapointed that we haven't got out girls together to play yet. Adyson and Macy would be bff's for sure, and I think Polly and Sienna would as well. It breaks Sienna's heart everytime we drop Ady of that she can't go play too.

And second, I think Macy is very smart. I'm realizing that she and Adyson will go to kindergarten the same year, and I've seen how well Macy can write. You are such a great mom!

And third, I wish you lived in S town so they could go to the same kindergarten. That would be fun.

Wow, this is a long commment...but I wanted to add that we really should find a day-and go to the park and let the little ladies play.

the end

jordan said...

Such a character that Macy! she makes a great model. And Polly is such a sweetie, i love Polly quotes.

Andrae said...

Oh my word, I love that girl. I love watching her grow into that huge personality! I just think "Fancy Nancy" with a post like that.

Love Polly too. She is just so sweet!

Tonya Jones said...

It's official. Polly needs to come play with us sometimes when Macy is at school (and you're invited too, of course). :)

Mommamort said...

I love Macy's poses. She really knows how to work the camera! I am so glad she loves school. And who can just love Polly. She never amazes me with what comes out of her mouth. She can always make me smile. :)

JAM said...

The red door is LOVELY. Makes for great photo ops for the perfect model.
Polly: I miss my friends too ( you)!

Brittney said...

oh macy. love her. polly's not too bad, either... :)

and, don't be pretending you don't have similar model-shots of yourself from your younger days. i mean, really. what girl doesn't have a secret stash of photos for when she's randomly approached by a model agent? i know my own portfolio is virtually bursting at the seams.

AdAmy said...

"Shall we go now dawling? Getting ready for school is soooo exhausting. Book bag please."

So dramatic, I love it. It has been fun getting to know you guys.

Jill and Matt said...

I love the pictures. She poses great! How does she like school?