Friday, January 30, 2009

And so it begins.

Macy and a friend from school were playing today, when I was called into the playroom to help with something. About 1 second later Macy says,

"Um, mom, could you please leave the room?"
Suuuuure...I see I'm cramping your style.

That's when Macy looked at me like I was a flesh-eating alien.
I guess the kids aren't using "cramping your style" these days.

I'm officially un-cool.

I knew it was coming, I just thought I was cool enough to hang onto it until she was a sassy teen. I think it's because even "cool" isn't cool.


jordan said...

such a shame...
She doesn't realize you really ARE cool (or whatever word kids are saying these days). keep telling yourself that.

JAM said...

I think you are cool amanda!!

Nat said...

I think you are the "coolest"! Hang in there! Good Luck!

Val said...

Don't worry Amanda, It just gets worse when they go to gradeschool. P.S. Are you running ragnar this year. I am. We should run together sometime!!