Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's No Tuna!

Pretty much the best day I can remember in recent history is this day in Hawaii, and that includes the birth of my children. (I'm kidding, relax.)

The fabulous family we stayed with has a fisherman brother, Kommonau. (I probably spelled that wrong... whatever.) He took us out on his boat, where half of us got sick (not my half).

We were fishing for tuna for our Luau later that night.

See, I don't need a fishing pole when I fish.
Just some bait and a line.

Kommonau is holding my fresh catch.

My 5 pound tuna looks puny, but she was sucking in for the camera.

It tasted goooood.
Meanwhile our fisherman wanted to catch a 100-150 pound tuna,
but instead we caught this.... watch video.

And then he dropped us off at this black sand beach.
There is no road access so we had it to ourselves.

I'm so moving here.


Andrae said...

My fish always suck in for the camera too! I'm glad the shark didn't. Love the footage!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

i want to go hang out on that beach....

Hayley said...

Is it terribly rude to admit that I hate you just a little right now??

Okay, hate is a strong word, but the jealousy is killing me!

AdAmy said...

Da da da da da da dadadadadadadada -attack!

AdAmy said...

Or is it this? Da dun da dun da dun dadundadundadundadun - attack! Whatever, you got the point, I'm sure.