Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If it makes you happy... Final episode

Nothing makes me happier than these 2:

Above is what they call a "married kiss"
(Heads turned to the side)

We have been having a fabulous summer
swimming, (swimming hair above)

They enjoy licking the "batters" 

It's a passion, really.

And being cool.  
Macy thought she looked like a rock star.

And she does.


Hayley said...

I adore you little ladies!
How bout' next week you let them come play for a while? We have a new swingset that I'm sure they would enjoy.


Mommamort said...

I agree with you. Nothing makes me happier than those two also. I love the picture with them licking the beaters. One of my secret passions too.

Ann said...

I like licking the beaters, spoon, bowl too. Somethings you never outgrow. Don't want to waste the sweet stuff.
The girls are some of the sweetest things as well.

Nat said...

You girls are gorgeous! I love their hair!

Brittney said...

hah! you crack me up amanda. i'm still laughing about your final words, "and she does" - i was TOTALLY going to type that as my comment.

love the summertime activities. can i get macy's autograph?