Wednesday, August 19, 2009


They did it
It's major
I'm amazed

These two cleaned the play room start to finish without my help.
For those of you who have seen our playroom in it's regular state will agree with me in it's major-ness.
More importantly, without whining.
(I know... I'm tearing up just thinking about it.)

Wait... Macy is almost 6?
She should have done this by now, hasn't she?
Crap... In my defense, this was taken at least a month ago.


Aaron and Mindy said...

That deserves a LARGE gold star!! I love the excited poses in the pic. I can't believe Macy is almost 6, that means school. Yikes.

JAM said...

Yay!! I haven't seen your girls (other than ichat) in a coons age. When are you coming again?

Jill said...

I would be happy too! Allie always complains when she has to clean up. I can't wait until the day she doesn't

Ann said...

Do they hire out? I've got a playroom they can clean...and kitchen, and windows, and family room, and...
Sure love to see the cute little faces.