Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh, Polly

What I love about Polly:

Her lips.

She loves having her nails painted. EVERY time she calls the nail polish, "pale nolish". It makes me laugh.

If you tickle her arms/back/legs, she will sit like she is literally frozen. Frozen, I tell you.

The other day she made a spitting sound with her tongue at me. I said, "Did you just spit at me?" She quickly told me she was just spitting at her imaginary friend that was sitting on top of my head! Whew.


Nan said...

So funny! That sounds like the time I heard my baby crying from her room as my son Mark walked out of the room. I asked, "Mark, what happened to Mindy?" He replied, "Somebody accidentally hit her on the head with a stick."

Emma said...

Oh, my, so funny! I love that you keep your blog up, it's so nice to follow. And the picture is great! (As usual)

Mommamort said...

What I love about Polly is she makes me feel special. She is such a sweetheart. <3 u Polly

The Mortons said...

Oh Polly! You are pretty sweet. I love that you spit at your imaginary friend!