Friday, April 15, 2011

What Abe's Been Up To

In one short month, little Abe is going to turn 1!
Wasn't he born just a few weeks ago?
I swear it.

He just keeps getting more awesome.

He's almost walking.
You can tell by the revolving bruises on his head.
He walks along the walls to get where he needs to go, and takes a few un-assisted steps here and there.  Frankly, I'm not rushing him.

He's been trying to get his second molar, but so far has just been one big swollen and purple lump on his gums for weeks.  It's sad.

He has a deep, throat-y laugh that comes easily.
He laughs every time he's in the wind.  Or if someone makes animal sounds.

 He loves cabinets, drawers, toilet lids and toilet paper.  He also likes to reeeaaach his hand into the water while the girls take a bath. 

And apparently he likes to ride in the toy stroller.
Who wouldn't?


Aaron and Mindy said...

That is one kissable face. One?? Really?? I have never seen this little one in person. SAD!!!!

Andrae said...

No way, stop the lies. He can't be one yet. He's so adorable! How did he escape the famous red hair? Setting his own trends I see.