Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Scott helped me find my adventure limit last weekend.  We went canyoneering in Zion.  I had my first time  a couple a years ago.  This was more.  It was really fun, beautiful, and exciting,  but I've maxed out my level of "ohmygosh!Idon'tknowifIcandothis!" 

I only cried once.

The big canyon we did was called Birch Hollow, just outside of Zion.
We parked at the top and hiked our way down.

When you get to a point when you can't hike, you rappel.  This is what canyoneering is.  If anyone cares.

Our first rappel was down this:

There is lots of climbing on, down and around rocks.

There are 2 funny things about this picture above.
1.  I totally thought I was horizontal and thanking myself for doing plank position on occasion.  Clearly I am no where near horizontal.

2.  I did this to keep from walking in water up to my shins.  Little did I know that we would be walking in LOTS of water much higher than my shins.

But...Scott was impressed enough to take a picture.  So there's that.

Our longest of 10 rappels was 100 ft.  EEEK!  I couldn't get it all in the picture.  This is Scott coming down.

Lots more rappels, but no picture of me crying.
Scott does have a heart.

It took about 6-7 hours.  Far and away the worst part was hiking back up to the car.  I was tired and sore from my fingertips to my toes.  Scott barely flinched at the whole thing.  I think he ate a big dinner.  That was about it.

Anyone want to come next time?


Casey Hyer Photography said...

We do!!

Hayley said...


Hayley said...

But you are awesome.

Jordan and Katrina Hansen said...

that looks awesome!

Emma said...

Oh my! You're awesome for doing this. When I visit you next time we are SO going canyoneering.

Stacie said...

Seriously, Amanda, you are a very good wife! I am impressed. And the pictures are awesome!

Nan said...

I am so impressed. Way to go. Talk about making memories.

Jill said...

wow. and wow. count me out!

Team Hanni said...

Amazing! Looks awesome!

AdAmy said...

Beautiful! This looks like a blast! Adam & I would join ya!

Nells-Bells said...

super cool! it looks awesome. i will say i totally want to do but i may be crying (too) during the process.

Jennifer said...

Amanda - you are brave, I would be crying and whining and complaining the entire time - so count me out:)

Jen said...

Where do I sign up? Looks sooooo fun.