Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Great To Be 8!

This sweet girl turned 8!

Then she went and got baptized.
How I got old enough for that, I don't know.
 For serious.
These things have a way of sneaking up on you, am I right?

She was so excited and felt very special
 in her beautiful dress made by her Auntie Erin.

It was an awesome day filled with lots of people who love her.


Jessey Dalebout said...

i am so so so bummed i had to miss this. Macy looks absolutely gorgeous in her dress.

Jill said...

shes so cute! how fun. i feel the same way, am to young to have an 8 yr old. right? haha

Girls, said...

That picture of your family is beautiful! You look gorgeous Amanda. It is seriously nuts that we have kids that old.... remember when we were all just dating and figuring life out? That was yesterday...wasn't it? Happy Day to macy!!

jordan said...

yay for Macy! Such a cute girl and cute family. 8 is serious business. I have to remind Ryder of this since his big day is approaching soon.

Andrae said...

I can't believe she is 8 either. Wasn't she just 3 a couple weeks ago? Oh and good job Erin on the dress....LOVE it! So sorry we had to miss the big day.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Macy! She looks so grown up in that last picture. Time goes too fast:)

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Macy! I just put together that she is the same age as the kids I teach in primary...wow, she has grown up! Love the cute family picture. You are beautiful, Amanda!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Macy!

Such a great picture of your family, you all look great! And you're so beautiful, Amanda! Love the long hair