Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Haloween cost us $0.00

We got some good use out of our costumes this year!  Friend party, ward party, grandma Janet's party, and the main event.

Macy switched the day before our first party from Annie to a witch after she found my old costume at my mom's house.  This was a divine intervention/ tender mercy/ lucky break.  I was planning on spending the day using my  inept sewing skills on an Annie dress, which may have worked out well if she were going for more orphan and less orphan-turned-billionaire Daddy Warbuck's daughter.  

Vintage witch costume, worn by me at least 3 years in a row.

Polly decided to be a glittery black cat that Macy wore when she was 3.  Turns out a tank dress for the body was a wise choice I didn't know I was making.  Works for age 3, works for age 5!

Abe was destined to wear this most excellent goat costume, made by my sister, Holly 11 years ago.  Conversely she can sew well. (Did I just use that word right?) 

Abe thought the hat to be much too constricting.  Once I showed him to himself in the mirror, he agreed that it was an important part of the ensemble, and laughed.  Our efforts to get a "maaaa" out of him, were rewarded every time with a "hahaha".

Witch costume=$0
Cat costume=$0
Goat costume=$0
Not carving pumpkins because I'm a bad mother=$0

Halloween total=$0
(plus the $8 I spent on candy)

When did I get so wordy?


MiKell said...

Cute Cute kids.

Jill said...

that's awesome! i wish i could say the same.
love all 3 costumes!

Katie Jane said...

your kids are so very big! I swear it happened all too fast. Abe is to die stinking cute.

jordan said...

way to go!!! I love not spending $$>

Ann said...

Cute little spooks. Macy's missing teeth add to the scary witch look.