Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 3rd Post of Christmas

I'm too cheap to buy an Elf on the Shelf.
But I know it is a new tradition in this world and who am I if I don't follow the world?

I made my own and named him Jolly.
Santa sent a letter in the mail and the next day Jolly showed up.

Polly said, "Hey I saw you making that!" (oops)

Macy said, "I bet the real Jolly is at the North Pole and he sent the doll down with a camera."
This girl knows Santa, North Poles, and elves on the shelves aren't real, yet she continues to pretend with conviction.  It's confusing.


Hayley said...

Your elf is much cuter then my elf on a shelf.

So there.

Katie Jane said...

I love this. I have an old elf from my grandma that we always called the watching elf. I didn't really know about the elf on the shelf. Apparently his name is Curtis...kind of a lame elf name. Ours is named Winkle.