Monday, February 13, 2012


My girls were very excited and also very opinionated about Valentines this year.
Here is what we came up with (copied from Pinterest and downloaded).

Macy made each of her classmates a bracelet. 

Polly made adorable hearts with her thumbprint.

 Macy came home from school the other day with a list of all her classmates and the animals they chose to do a report on.

The list was filled with deer, snake, eagle, cheetah, monkey, etc...
Next to Macy's name?  Skink

This made me laugh and it also made me happy.  I'm glad that in second grade she feels like it's okay to be unique.  It feels like maybe something is going right around here. 

I'm going to store that little piece of information in my parent brain for when I'm hearing about the MANY injustices of her childhood.  


Jennifer said...

I love, love those Valentine's. Way better than what you can buy at the store. I can't believe Macy made a bracelet for everyone! What cute girls, I love to see them at school.

Nan said...

I actually know what a skink is! We found one when we were hiking the Narrows in Zion Canyon. Cute valentines.

Ann said...

Our principal has a pet skink in his office. All the kids like to go hold and watch it. Macy can come visit for a show and tell.