Monday, March 12, 2012

Disney Continued

We continued to have a blast and wear ourselves completely out!

Polly wanted to see the princesses.  Macy is apparently over this phase.
The girls kept getting comments about how they looked like Ariel..
Personally, I think Polly is lovelier.

 Abe liked anything on a boat or train.  Which is quite a lot.
Really, he just liked everything.

 This smile kills me.

We loved the Dumbo ride.

Waiting for the parade.
I love Abe's arm propped up on Grandpa's leg.

Abe loved the parade and watched it like this:

Other highlights were:
Splash Mountain (Polly)
Wonderful World of Color 
(Everyone.  We watched from the bridge with the kids faces pressed between the bars.  They were still at stone...cousin Miles fell asleep.)
Soaring over California (Macy and Polly)
They were filming Modern Family while we were there. Saw some stars.
Watching Aladdin
Toy Story

We had such a wonderful time!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


Jessey Dalebout said...

I laughed so hard at all of abe's expressions. so fun!!

Hayley said...

I still want more. We love Disney.

That Abe is edible.

They all are really-and the girls are much cuter then Ariel.

You all look fantastic! Sure miss you guys.