Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leo update

Leo is doing well so far.  It's a bummer to see how much he's been poked and how much he has to be hooked up to,  but we know it's not much compared to what's coming.

His first heart surgery is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. It should take about 6 hours.  We are holding him as much as we can before then. 

He is absolutely beautiful and we love him a whole bunch. 

We feel so blessed that he is here safely and so far no surprises.  

(Super sorry if you have tried to call, I have zero service on my phone.)


BrandonKristin said...

We are praying for all of you, especially baby Leo. Hope all continues to go well!

Hayley said...

Your family will be in our prayers daily here. He's one lucky little boy to get to be a part of your family. You are amazing.

Sending hugs and prayers.
Hayley (And T too)

Aaron and Mindy said...

I am so happy he is here and all went ok. I love his name it just seems to fit him and I don't even know him yet:) I think about you all time and know that someone knew what they were doing when sending this little guy to your family!! You are amazing and strong. I think the only time we see each other is when a new baby arrives- sad but true. I will be calling you when all settles down a bit. We will be sending prayers your way.
Luv ya

Brittney said...

Don't know what to say. Tuesday afternoon it is, huh. I don't know how many times i should even tell you thus before i start sounding like I'm reciting something rote (I'm not!), but your family is in our family prayers, and you are constantly in my thoughts and "heart-prayers." Thanks for the blog updates, a lot of people at glad to know. Love you lots.

Ann said...

We are glad he is here.We love all of you and will be keeping in touch. Prayers for all of you.