Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Story

Tag, you're it... wait I'm it. Thanks Hayley for tagging me. I did enjoy hearing your story, I feel like I was an insider back then, seeing you two together, when no one else knew. Oh how Travis loved YOU!
What is your husband's full name? Scott Michael Morton
How long have you been together? Since April 2002
How long did you date? In total time, 7 months. Although there was one month between date#1 and date#2. Scott says it's because I jumped out of the car after the first date. Sorry.
How old is he? 29 and 363 days. Friday's going to be the big one! Watch for a special 30 birthday post. He'll be so embarassed.
Who eats more? Scott, definitely. Unless it's dessert, then me. Unless it's cream puffs, then Scott.
Who said I love you first? Me. Let's just say Scott took things slow. He did say I love you back, but later he told me he almost said "Thank you", just because he thought that would be funny. If you know Scott, that would not be a surprise.
Who's taller? Scotty
Who's smarter? Scotty, I knew this early on, because we had a small obsession with Jeopardy on the playstation when we were dating. We are awsome party animals, don't let that sway you.
Who does the laundry? Me, unless I'm in bed and I remember a load has to go in to the dryer, then Scott's my man.
Who does the dishes? Scott does dinner dishes usually, or we do them together.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're looking at it, or in it? In it? Me.
Who pays the bills? Me.
Who cooks dinner? Me, but Scott is the lunch cook when he's home. Always.
Who drives when you are together? Scotty
Who is more stubborn? Scott, definitely. (You're not reading this are you?)
Who kissed who first? Scott, but refering to an earlier post, it took a while. I won't say how long, to save him the embarassment. (You're not reading this are you?) OK: 2 months! Which equals at least 15 dates!
Who asked out who first? Scott did. Jazz v. Lakers. (Sorry Tiff.) His 14 year old Jazz fan of a sister entered his name to win tickets. He won the tickets and took me instead of Tiffany. Tiff loses, the Jazz win. I win, Scott wins. And now Tiffany you win too.
Who proposed? Santa! also Scott. (Whole different story.)
Who has more siblings? Me.
Who wears the pants in the family? We both do, unless it's sunday or a special occasion, then I wear a dress.
I tag thee: Annie C., Holly B., Jordan D., and Annie M. Do it for the love.


Michelle said...

I love this. This is a fun one to do.

Hayley said...

So cute! I dig it. I like to think I had a nice hand in you and Scotts love affair, but I'm fairly sure he was smitten in his own way right when he met you. We had fun back then huh!

JAM said...

Love is in the air! I could read love posts and eat chocolates all day long.

Matt & Jill said...

I loved reading your tag. Love hearing about the Icon love match. I would have to say that is a long time to date with out kissing. :)

Mommamort said...

How fun to hear the story from your side. You know how much Scott loves to share that kind of information any way. ha-ha I am soooooo glad that you helped him find you. We love you both so much.