Monday, February 4, 2008

Quote of the Day

While trying to make her sleeping bag stuff sack stand on end, to act as a "bathtub" for her dolls, Macy says:
"This is un-hopeless!!!"
"Yeah, it means bad luck."


holly said...

She's got a scary little mind. See if you can put her to work solving world hunger and poverty. I'd like to see what she comes up with.

Hayley said...

Ady told me the other day that Sienna was playing with something breakaful. I liked it. Thanks for the distraction. You always crack me up.

jordan said...

such a mind that little girl has. reminds me so much of my niece Lily. They'd either love each other or hat each other.

JAM said...

Macy has quite the large, and creative I might ad vocabulary. She is making up for Polly's lack there of.

JAM said...

Did that make any sense at all?