Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We sure love our fireplace.
(and look, we have a dad!)

My view

Polly's view

Macy's view

As soon as we started the fire, Macy ran to get her rocking chair. She know's what's up. Polly quickly followed and came back with whatever she could find, an unrocking chair. Whatever works.


At dinner, something surely tragic happened to which Polly resonded with "It's not fair" (Sienna has a friend, Hayley), followed by dropping her head into her arms, "I'm just going to go to my castle now". I guess that's her happy place.


Val said...

I used to have an imaginary friend. Is that like the castle? Your girls are great photographers. Raw Talent!!

Hayley said...

I cracked up at Polly's comment. She and Sienna need to be friends! When does Macy have school? We should totally set up a play date for the girls.

Brittney said...

love the views. oh man, i'm impressed that your kids actually get you in the shot...they could teach mine a thing or two... :)

holly said...

Funny little Polly! Dude, love the flames and you are so rockin' that new haircut!!

Jill and Matt said...

I love the pictures and the fireplace. Can me and my blanket come over?
Did you chop your hair or is it pulled back?

AdAmy said...

Aren't fireplaces just great? We have really been enjoying ours this season as well. So cozy!