Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Our friends invited us over for FHE last week to be part of their nativity re-enactment.  Macy took her role as Mary very seriously, she quietly led Joseph to where they were supposed to be and eagerly accepted the gifts from the wise men.

Me, Layla, and Polly as the Wise Women.

Lincoln the shepard (looks devious), Carson as Joseph, Macy as Mary, Ella as the angel.


Tonya Jones said...

I'm loving those pictures.

Hayley said...

I'm glad Macy took this more seriously then Adyson. We are working on it.

And I've been meaning to e-mail you back about play dates. Adyson goes to school from 12:30-2:30 on the same days as Macy, so our options are limited! Mondays or Fridays??