Monday, October 5, 2009

Quote: Body Parts

Polly's had a few funny ones lately.
She climbed in my bed one morning. As I was tickling her arms and legs, particularly the back of her knees when she shouted her discovery:

"MOM! I know!!! We all have armpits AND leg-pits"

This morning as we were brushing teeth and I wiped her nose for the up-teenth time in 3 weeks. I said (not knowing she would have such a strong reaction)Polly, I hope your nose stops running sometime soon or we might have to go to the Doctor. She started crying hysterically (as though the Dr. meant toddler torture and/or certain death) and at the same time saying:

"I don't even WANT a nose! I don't want it, and I don't like it even at all!"
As though eliminating the nose entirely would solve all her problems. I find it to be a cute nose.
P.S. Have you tried Rollip? Super fun.


Andrae said...

The discovery of a child's body and imagination. Priceless.

Hayley said...

I adore Polly. She is wonderful.

Emma said...

That's so sweet!

The Mortons said...

oh polly! We love you...and the things you say!

Kade and Katie said...

amanda, your girls are soooooo cute! always good to see i know how to find you in the blogging world. i think you, me, britt, and tonya need another cafe sabor run, what'd ya say?

jordan said...

she is such a character. The exchange with her and Macy is hilarious too. They aren't even my kids and I just love them!