Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is how the ladies relationship looks like sometimes:

Macy had gone to her room in a charmingly bad mood and shut the door. Polly, who was playing by herself walked into the room for something, and when she left, she dared to leave the bedroom door open. This is what I heard from the next room:

Macy- "Polly, shut the door!"


M- "Polly, I said SHUT THE DOOR!"


M- "POLLY, SHUT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!" (lovely, I know.)

Polly- (in her sweetest voice) "I can't hear you, Macy."

And Repeat the last two lines over and over and over.


Hayley said...

This had me and T cracking up. You could very well have switched the names to Adyson and Sienna.

Call me tomorrow. 512-2944. Maybe, just maybe we can work it out.

JAM said...

That is pretty darn funny.

The Mortons said...

oh...that is funny!

Ann said...

They get their attitudes from their Grandma Janet. I'm glad you are saving these little tidbits to remember in 20 years.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

hee hee hee.....I remember times like that with Erin when we were little.

Andrae said...

Oh my word, I can hear it now. I love Polly's sweet little voice!