Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My darling Macy is 6.

Scott and I tried to tell her we were skipping her birthday so she would stay 5. It didn't go over well. She turned 6 anyway. It's too soon.

The highlights:
A hat like dad,

A pet fish. She has been asking for either a pet fish or a horse for some time now. As good parents we listened, weighed the options, made a pro and con list and the fish won out. In this economy... well you understand. The fish has been named Coral, Flounder and now Nemo.

Now if I could just keep Polly 3...


Jill said...

what! She's 6! oh man that is so old. we need to freeze them. I ran into Alison the other day and she wants us all to get together for a dinner sometime.

Emma said...

Hello Amanda!
Holly pointed out your blog, saying you the only one that actually still blogs.
The girls are so lovely!
I've got a blog too, mostly for sharing food recipies, but some of my daily life too.

Hugs from Sweden!
Your cousin Emma

(I've tried to comment before but I'm note sure I get it to work.)

Andrae said...

how did that happen? 6... really? too bad the horse didn't win, maybe next year.

Brittney said...

two things: (1) have you ever seen a bigger smile on a girl than the one on macy's face with her fish? priceless. (2) fancy cake, my friend. looks great.

fine, and (3) may coral/nemo/whatever live a long and prosperous life. i can only imagine what a toilet-flushing end would do to macy's heart.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Macy. You are getting to be quite the big girl. I miss being able to see you and Polly. I'm glad you're mom puts pictures on the blog so I can keep track of how much you are growing.