Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Recap

Sit down, this is a big one.
I will document all the happenings of summer now.
I missed a lot.
We had a super awesome Primary Pioneer Day parade and breakfast.
Being in the Pimary Presicency means I got to dress up and walk this year.
And make the completely authentic covered red wagon, or it could have been Scott that made it.

Hiking with grandma and grandpa.

At the end of August we took a Morton backpacking trip to the Uintahs. Yes, the kids backpacked. Less than a mile. Be impressed.

All the rest. Boating with the Jones, Park City with the Mortons and more.


Nells-Bells said...

so you have to tell me how you do all your pics like this. love it! looks like a fun summer. and sweden to boot!! gees...

JAM said...

Fun in the Sun!!

Hayley said...

Way to pack it all in there Amanda. Is Macy is morning or afternoon Kindergarten? I'd love to play again...someday.

we suck at actually getting together.

Mommamort said...

It was a FUN FUN summer!

Andrae said...

what a great summer!!