Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Notorious B.I.G.

My belly is getting big.
I mean B.I.G.
Ask my girls.
They are honest.
It is hard to bend over for more than 1 second.
I've resolved to see how much I can pick up
by kicking things around the house.
The only thing I have found it
to be effective for is laundry.
I can kick it with accuracy into the laundry basket.
It doesn't work with much else.
A lady asked me when
my baby was due last night.
I told her May.
Then she asked me how many babies?
She didn't even come out and ask if it was twins.
She left it open ended in case there were more.
She was about 80.
I'm telling myself she was way out of touch.
I'm starting to wonder what
he is going to look like.
Will he look like them?
Can you tell who is who?
Or is it whom is whom?


Emma said...

Polly left, Macy right?

I'll help you with anything when I come, only you might not need that much help then? I'll cook for you sometime, that's for sure! I'm sure Holly can spare her private chef now and then. Haha. Btw, does the accurate kicking imply that you are a good soccer player too?

JAM said...

I can't believe how much Macy looks like her baby picture. So cute.

I don't believe you are that big. I just saw you. You just barely got to the point where you actually look pregnant. Did you tell the 80 year old you were blessed with a short torso?

Hayley said...

Polly left, Macy right...right?

I must see you pregnant, because I just dont believe you. How you feeling?

Also, I like the name Crew.

Just so you know. (Maybe too trendy? Idk, I just have girls.)

Aaron and Mindy said...

I have seen you pregnant 2 times before and you are a VERY cute prego lady:)

this little man is going to be so cute. I have to say you and Scott have done pretty well in the cute baby department.

holly said...

Yep, Polly left and Macy right. It's all in the eyes. And Annie's look pregnant, but nowhere near gigantic. Silly Manda.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I doubt you are too big. But maybe you should post a picture so I can see :)

Also, I have this great thing you should get! I have it from my back surgery, but I will admit I have used it a ton while pregnant, my husband makes fun of me, but it is so worth it! It is a long reacher that I just pull the handle (like a gun almost) and it has a pincher at the bottom. I even put my socks on with it Ha ha ha! It can grab anything on the floor for me so I don't have to bend over!!

Brittney said...

you can totally tell who is who(m)...your girls are both beautiful, but they have their own look even from the get-go. i can't wait to see the little dude. he's destined to be a heart-melter, regardless.

p.s. i HATE the start of the "when are you due?" phase of preg. just makes is seem longer for everybody, right? oh, and she WAS out of touch. way.

Jill said...

I know the feeling. It's your 3rd child so your belly gets bigger faster right?? I guess Polly is the one on the right. Your girls are so cute I'm sure a little man will be just as cute.

Jill said...

I meant left.

Matt, Lori, and Maya said...

That is funny, I just saw you and forgot you were even pregnant. So you can't be that big! Or, I am just totally oblivious...which is possible, that night was a little crazy! Anyway, I was going to tell you... If Polly ever wants to come play, Maya would love it! Bring her over anytime.

The Mortons said...

haha. you are the cutest little pregnant person. i told you i loved your belly on sunday. like i said you finally look pregnant. which can finally tell that you are prego!!!!

love the pics of polly and macy. holly is right. it IS all in the eyes for 'macypolly' as hallie would say.

she still thinks that you really are going to move some of your stuff into our house. she keeps talking about moving some of the girls things in.

Ann said...

I remember them well. Can't wait for the newest addition.

Val said...

A month ago the compassionate service person in my ward called and asked me when I was due so she could get me on her schedule for meals. Well not for another 5 months lady, but thanks for making me feel so special and HUGE!!! Lets get together. I promise you will instantly feel better about yourself!!! I just look about 8 months pregnant at 5 months.

Mommamort said...

Does B.I.G. stand for Beautiful, Intelligent,& Great! That is what I think about you. I think you look wonderful and I am soooo excited for this sweet little guy. I definately can pick out who is who. Polly in yellow and Macy in those cute pink stripes. I wonder if this little guy will have this beautiful red hair? Curls? It is soooooo exciting.

Nat said...

Your girls are adorable. Love the baby pictures. I guess being B.I.G is one of the joys of being short :) People are funny. I used to always get those comments when I was pregnant. Hang in there :)