Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year

Way back on New Year's day,
we went sledding.
We love sledding with dad,
he has more energy.
Macy spent lots of time
trying to pull the sled up the hill
like a dog, on her hands and knees.
Polly spent lots of time eating snow.


Matt, Lori, and Maya said...

Hey Amanda! I didn't even know you were preggars! I am so excited your having a boy! Let me know if Polly ever wants a play date. Maya would love it!

Janet said...

It was a fun time!!!

Nells-Bells said...

i love the new look of your blog! i am feeling much the same...i need a change. we'll see what accumulates over the next couple of weeks and hopefully i can create a masterpiece of sorts. we are so excited for you and scott. my friend just named their boy eli. my brother just named their boy max. both of which i love. i just watched a movie about john keats and am seriously loving the name keats for a boy. um...yeah, doubt that will fly. i will keep thinking... ;)