Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Recap II

I decided my blog needs a new look. Don't be alarmed if it looks different at your next visit. Before I do that, I must recap Christmas.
We had a wonderful time. Everyone's wishes came true. Polly got her Ponyville house and a doll she named Cutie. Macy got her cat which she promptly named Fluffy. She said "Mom it is so cute, I didn't even know I wanted a cat that looked like this, but I do!!

Scott getting in on the Pony action.

Merry (belated) Christmas


Hayley said...

So glad your Christmas was lovely and that your cuties got everything they wanted. I imagine that they are awfully excited about the new you feeling?

jordan said...

lovely Christmas. I wish we would have had more time to see each other!

(make sure you let me know the news!)

Ann said...

...and the best gift of all or soon to be, "A BOY". Congratualtions

Aaron and Mindy said...

Looks like everyones dreams came true. You know deep down Scott really wanted the ponyville.

Um did I miss and anounce ment of the new addition being a BOY???- If I did. congrats