Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Boy

By now the word is out.
It's a baby of the male gender.
We can do boy.
So give me your top 3 baby boy names.
Boy names are hard, right?
I will take all names seriously, inlcuding Linus.
Don't be shy.


Hayley said...

Virgin Territory!
And I'm so excited for you guys.

The only boy name Trav and I could ever agree on was Jack. I also love the names Liam and Cohen.

Can't wait to see what you pick though, you always have such cute names for your kids, and they always fit their face so good!

Shall we play next week?

Emma said...

What a nice picture of your girls!

Congratz to a having boy!

Top 3 boy's names (Swedish version):

And I second "Jack", I like that too(even though it never would work in Sweden)

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Let me know if you get any good ones you are not using! I have 7 weeks to figure my boy name out and still can't!!! I am beginning to think I may just wait and let him name himself....

So exciting that you are having a boy!!! I can't wait for the cute little red curly haired guy!!!!

Tara said...

How exciting, now our little guys can play! Hope you are doing great!

Jill said...

good for you! I can't wait to see what he'll look like.

that's all I got.

jordan said...

YAY!!!! I wanted you to have a boy. Everyone needs a boy... and a girl. lucky!

Ann said...

Scott always worked for me, but I guess that might be a middle name.
Tig, (Scott will have to explain that one.)
We are just excited whatever you decide to name him. I'm sure Macy and Polly will have it all planned out.

JAM said...

I just pulled out my boy list. Here goes (mind you, these are 4 years old) Beck,Benson,Calvin, Felix, Finn,Lawson,Otto, Linus, Duncan,Harvy, Lorenzo, Ezra, and William.
Chew on that!
Love the bloglift by the way. Very clean and crisp.

The Mortons said...

hey. well you know hallies opinion on boy names. i guess she thinks the only good name is dax. go figure.

annie suggested duncan? i remember not to long ago when that was on my list of boy names.

we are so excited for you!!!!!!!!!

Brittney said...

linus is growing on you, isn't it. poor little henry, has no name.

Nat said...

Congratulations! Boys are so much fun--they are all I know. I used my top three boy names on my little ones--Jaxon, Justus, Jace (don't know why we went with the J's).
Hope all is well!