Friday, March 5, 2010

Love notes

I am feeling the love lately
It's coming through handwritten notes.
They're the best.
(I love you past the sunset)
(I love you. My heart is bleeding.)

This one gave me some leverage

for at least a whole day.

All I had to say is

What happened to my best kid?

Worked every time.

Dear blogger/ friends,

Why is my spacing messed up and why can't I control it?

Love, Amanda


AdAmy said...

I love the love notes. Totally reminds me of Claire. I get a kick out of how, at this age, they are starting to sound out words and write them themselves... too cute.

Brittney said...

nothing says "i love you" like a bleeding heart. lucky.

Nells-Bells said...

i love these little notes. these are the ones you want to save and pull out when they are teenagers, telling you to leave the room because you are so uncool. ;)

JAM said...

I can't wait for our trip! Sunshine, here we come.

Ann said...

Gotta love 'em. These times are what will get you through the teenage years.