Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everyone Should go to St. George in March

I'm a little behind,
but we went to St. George
to bask in the sun last month.
It was sunny.
and Polly refuses to look at the camera (always).

Macy and Scott hiked to the top of an old volcano
while Polly and I waited in the car.
It's hard to hike when you're 3, almost 4
and when you are packing an extra person.

Our sweet Logan neighbor
and sun-bird, Jackie invited us.
Oh snap, Polly's looking


Andrae said...

sounds nice. the last picture is by far the best.

Hayley said...

Aren't you cute pregnant?

Yes. You are.

Nan said...

I love that Macy and daddy took a hike together. You have such a darling family! It was fun to see Jackie, too.

jordan said...

that last pic needs to be somebody's album cover.