Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear life

I've officially reached it...
The point of pregnancy when
I am holding on for dear life.
I'm telling the little guy to not move,
and the girls to NOT touch my belly.
It all hurts too much.
I made Scott choose the other day,
Do you want groceries today?
or do you want clean bathrooms?
He chose groceries.
Me too.
All we had was peanut butter.
Mostly, I'm tired of listening to myself complain.
Half of the world has been 9 months pregnant before.
I'm officially going to stop until the baby is born.
Then I might complain about lack of sleep.
But I'll try not to.
And don't say anything mean,
Even if it's not mean, and just stating facts,
like, "you look like you can't get any bigger"
or "you still have 3+ weeks left"
I might cry.
Or say something mean back.
You never can tell.


Nan said...

I think you look beautiful pregnant.

The Mortons said...

Dear Amanda.
we think about you everyday. we are so excited to have this little boy in our family. pregnancy never was fun! especially when your feet swell and your back feels like it couldn't hold another ounce. and little boy could fall out if you move wrong or don't hold your stomach. hank in there! your doing great.. even if it is crappy!

Val said...

I think I might just copy and paste this post to my blog!!! I'm still pregnant barely too. Lets have our babies thursday morning. I'll meet you at the hospital. My husband will be out of town, but who cares I just need my doctor!!!