Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No One Likes a Frowny Face

I apologize for my last post.

Pretend like it never happened.

I can't be held responsible

for the things I say at 5:37 P.M.

We all know it's the worst

time of day. (This is as crazy as we got for crazy hair day, today.)

On to things we love.

We are all VERY

excited for our little baby.

The ladies would like to

name the baby as follows:

Macy likes Jack.

Polly likes Thomas.

Both came up with the names on their own.

I hope they aren't disappointed.

I am personally loving that

this un-named baby's room is DONE!

and he has a crib drawer stocked

with everything he needs.

This makes me very happy.
Dear baby,
You may come in 3 days.


Emma said...

Totally agree, 5:37 PM is the worst time of the day!

I love the braids! (Is it called that? Macy's hair, anyway) You have to make my hair some day, I love braids, but suck at doing them on myself!

Hayley said...

For me it's 4:37. Ugh. I hate that hour till Trav gets home.

Hang in there Amanda. Soon enough, unnamed baby will be here! I must see pics of the nursery.

post them at 5:37 today.

Matt said...

I like both names. I can't wait to see him. How nice to be all ready.
5:37 is the worst time, I totally agree.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Yay for his room being ready!! If it makes you feel better Mason is 8 weeks old today and he just got a room yesterday :) By the way Chris got a job in Salt Lake and we are living there now, so I want to come see you and the baby (when he comes) soon!!!

Brittney said...

may i just say, i'm glad we're friends.

and, yes, little linus is welcome anytime. (linus. it's getting into your head, isn't it. ever so slowly.)

Aaron and Mindy said...

I was just thinking about you today and that I should call you to see when this baby was coming. Now I know. The worst part is when you are REALLY ready and the babe is not. I really HATE those last few days. Just to make you feel better I have no groceries and my bathrooms are discusting and I am not prego. Hang in there, and look on the bright side at least it hasn't been really hot :) love ya

Ann said...

THAT IS TOMORROW!!! I'll be waiting to hear. Make sure my sister let's us know. You are not a complainer, we all understand. Mom and I were commenting the other day on what a good Mom you are. You'll have a third for Mother's Day. That is the best gift next to a missionary phone call.

Nells-Bells said...

i love that you have a drawer fully stocked and ready for anything. 5pm-bedtime is always the worst part of the day. i really hope all goes well!!