Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Please pass me a spoon.


Andrae said...

Those eyes are a killer.

The Mortons said...

Can I have a second helping please??

Mommamort said...

Oh MY GOSH! Is he not adorable!!!
I had to look twice. It reminded me of Scott when he was a baby. I want to just get a hold of him and kiss him ALL over. Love those eyes and his fat little cheeks.

Stacie said...

Why have I never discovered your blog until this very moment?? I love it! (You can thank Jessey for putting this picture of Abe on Facebook...that's how I found you!) He is adorable.

I am now adding you to my Google Reader. Excited to read more!

--Stacie Dalebout

Ann said...

Dear Abe,
You have got to be one of the cutest little cusses ever. Wish you were closer so I could play and squeeze.
Aunt Ann